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Susie Foster

Susie Foster

I am a Libran born in Melbourne, Australia in 1952 and a mother of 3 grown children. I moved to beautiful Queensland in 1978 and now live in a community called Crystal Waters at Conondale on the Sunshine Coast.

Like any artist my creative expression has been an ever evolving journey. For many years and varied reasons it lay fallow while I raised a family, co-created a house and business and endlessly searched for a sense of self, inner meaning and understanding of life.

By 1995 I began to take steps again where I left off many years earlier. I experimented with pointilism and a world of abstract images opened up to me bringing a new appreciation of colour and self expression from my intuitive self. It felt wonderful; also very challenging at times.

1998 /99 I found art a perfect tool for self learning and spent the next 2 years sharing my discoveries via my 'Expressive Heart' classes which included some basic art therapy exercises. I also ventured into pastel coming back once again to my favourite subject the portrait, spending time in classes with 2 very talented local artists Pauline Halsall and later Ann White who introduced me to still life.

Susie Foster

2000 Saw the beginning of Essensual Portraits. For me this was a new approach to my portraiture expression which allowed my intuitive self to do the work.

2001 I held my first exhibition (jointly) which was an exhilarating and inspiring success on many levels.

The general approach to my art now is one of following my senses rather than specifically planning. Feeling my way, allowing for peaks and valleys and waiting for the inspired moment to register works so much better for me. The element of surprise within the unfoldment at will is most exciting and fulfilling.