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Essence Portraits



" This portrait set me back on my path, gave me new faith in who I am and took away the doubts I was beginning to have. I will cherish the Essence portrait and keep it close as a gentle guide forever. "

Wayne Morris, Noosa Qld.

" The essence of my soul and my soul's journey show clearly through the portrait. Somehow I feel recognised and understood, and this is a great comfort. I draw strength from it. "

Lyrane Hill, Healesville Melb.

Have your essence drawn into a Life Portrait

Within each one of us is an 'inner radiance' or 'essence' which at times we all find difficult to see or feel but none the less is there. It is this essence I am most interested to reveal to a person.

Through my portraits my purpose is to show you your inherent supportive self who "waits in the wings" to be heard, to help guide and support you on your life's journey. The one who reflects your potential and can help open your eyes and heart to your true divine self.

With reverence and love (for I consider it a privilege to use my gifts in this way) I gently peel back the outer layers of the human mask that many of us present, to reveal those aspects of the multicoloured, infinitely wise and loving souls that we all truly are.

Working from a photo or sketch I am guided by my intuition and using colour as my focus I feel and sense the 'essence' into being. A personal and comprehensive description of who and what your essence is accompanies each portrait.